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the first national mobile crop drying service in the United States

We are US Crop Drying and we are the first national mobile crop drying service in the United States.

Our unique concept gives us an immense advantage  over traditional stationary drying systems that require expensive concrete platforms and a building big enough to house the units along with staging areas and bagging areas.

a solution to a problem

Creating access to farmers
in areas that do not currently have a dryer

The problem facing many farmers is that after harvesting hemp it needs to be dried within 10 hours. A fixed drying system can only serve customers within a specific radius from the dryer. Our mobile dryers will be the solution to this problem, giving farmers direct access to a dryer they did not once have.

We will target

3 specific crops/biomass products

With our focus on the most profitable crop first, Hemp. Once established in the Hemp space, we will expand to Bagasse, then to Wood products for Biodiesel and other energy.

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