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There is a never-ending demand for agricultural products throughout the world. As demand rises, there has been advancements in technology, increases in homeopathic medicine and a desire for natural/organic product rise which is causing a paradigm shift in how we need to grow, harvest and process crops that our society consumes.

Drying crops and biomass has become an integral process of the paradigm shift to organic crops and biomass production.

We will target

3 specific crops/biomass products

With our focus on the most profitable crop first, Hemp. Once established in the Hemp space, we will expand to Bagasse, then to Wood products for Biodiesel and other energy.

Our clients


There were state licenses issued to farmers in 2019 to cultivate hemp

An increase of 1,000% year after year. Effective in 2020, there are now 47 states that have authorized the growth of Hemp according to Forbes Magazine.