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Hemp Drying Services

There have been few innovations in the Hemp and Agricultural processing over the past 100 years, until now. Our one of a kind revolutionary drying technology has changed how agricultural crops of the future will extract humidity from the harvested crop.

Speed and Volume

stabilize to maximize

Due to the perishable nature of hemp, the degradation of its components begins immediately after harvesting. Farmers need to stabilize the crop as soon as possible to maximize the cannabinoid yield. This means that speed is of the essence. Unlike most of the foreign made dryers, and many of the American made drying systems, our dryers are rated at a MINIMUM of 25,000 lbs per hour. The need to process wet hemp at higher and higher volumes will be critical to effectively harvest hemp into various materials including fibers/textiles and efficient extraction of cannabinoids. More importantly, we are learning that THC levels begin to rise after harvesting the plant. The quicker you can dry the plant, the quicker you can stabilize and possibly lower the THC levels post-harvest. This should help lower the risk of your crop from becoming “hot”.

Delicate Drying System

a one of a kind system on the market

The Hemp industry is just scratching the surface of the breadth of different molecules (over 500 compounds) that can be extracted from Hemp. The varying characteristics and the need to keep those compounds intact and functional does not make a high throughput drying solution a straightforward proposition. In fact, because of the harshness of most drying systems it is estimated that 10-20% of the isolates are destroyed during the drying process. However, our drying system effectively captures 99% of the isolates by either locking them into the plant during drying or by capturing the free-floating isolates (down to 3 microns) in our filtration system. Our dryer extracts between 2-10 lbs of pure isolate every hour in addition to stabilizing the compounds that remain in the hemp biomass. This is the only system on the market that captures the free-floating isolates.

Sheer Volume and Precision

get your crop to market faster

To process industrial hemp fiber the farmer needs to extract as much humidity as possible, typically industry fiber needs to be less than 2% humidity. The temperature of our dryer can be adjusted down to a specific temperature range such as 120-125 degrees to handle Cannabinoids, or it can be cranked up to 400 degrees to handle industry fiber WITHOUT burning or degrading the crop. This process allows for substantial throughput on our machines. Utilizing our drying service allows the farmer to get their crop to market faster, which usually translates to higher profit margins.


the only mobile drying service on the market

The best part of our drying services are that they are mobile. That’s right, our dryers are built onto 18 wheelers and we come to you. All other drying technology is stationary and you have to take your crop to that dryer to have it processed. That is not the case with our system which is completely mobile. As long has you have enough room for 3 semi’s, and space for the harvest trucks to maneuver, then we can bring our system directly to your farm. We are the ONLY mobile drying service on the market.