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When it comes to drying any crop after harvest, it can not be overstated how important it is to stabilize and maintain that valuable harvest.
It is far too often a common tragedy that all the time, effort, and vast expense has been put into growing and harvesting a crop and it is partially or completely lost due to post harvest degradation.
In 2018 alone an estimated 200 million lbs were lost after harvest as a direct result of not stabilizing the crop through mechanic drying. Time is absolutely of the essence.
All crops degrade, break down, loose valuable nutrients, flavor, terpenes, chemicals, structure and therefore overall value.

the drying question

To mechanically dry or field/barn dry that is the question?

When any organic plant-based biomass is harvested it will quickly and assuredly start to break down and decompose within a very short window of time. Mother natures way of preserving the world. It is inevitable.

Weather mold, mildew, rot, bacteria, fungus, decay, or any other problems on the exhaustive list of crop destroyers, it is all preventable with the right solution. How much of your crop will you lose due to these issues caused by field/barn drying? How long will it take you to “go to market” and generate revenue if it days weeks to dry your crop? How much are you risking?

Of the many options of crop drying and stabilizing, there is one solution that without question is a game changer and that is MOBILE DRYING.

after the harvest

Dry immediately after harvest

The only ways this can be accomplished is to have a drying unit ON SITE WHEN needed and capable of keeping up with the speed of harvest as it is brought in.

With US Crop Dryings’ team of experts let us come to you with our state-of-the-art mobile drying solution.

We can deploy a drying unit anywhere within the continental United States, and we are able to set up the drying system within 90 minutes or less to dry your crop. Our system is comprised of two semi-tractor trailers, a propone truck, a team of five trained experts and we provide the highest degree of service that will drop the humidity of our crop to your desired percentage.

problem solved

We bring the solution to you

With the many demands on the farmer or grower, why not focus on what you do best and let the experts handle the rest.
Never settle for any other method!

Your Crop is Your fortune and our Mission to preservE